What Is Tennis And Some Basic Rules Of Tennis You Must Know

Knowing what is tennis and some basic rules of tennis are most important for a player before playing the game, tennis. So, let’s have a look to know it about.

What is tennis?

We can say; tennis is the name of the game we play with a racket, and rubber made a ball. Modern Tennis is originated in Birmingham, England, in the late 19th century as lawn tennis. It can be played one at a time against a single player or two teams having two players against another team. Every player has to have a racket to strike the hollow rubber ball.

Tennis history says that tennis is an eventful historical game. It is originated in about 12th – 13th century in northern France. It was called “jeu de paume” (game of the palm) in that time.

After 16th-century rackets came and the game was being called “tennis.” Tennis is a word that came from the French word Tenez. It means “Receive,” “Hold,” or “Take.” In the 18th century, Tennis was finally established as an outdoor game played is grassy court.

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Tennis equipment:-

You need a racket and your opponent. Also, you need a rubber made tennis ball.

Racket:- Racket, a tennis bat we call. And it does have a handle and a hitting area designed for the string. Strings are tightly pulled. The length of the hitting area is about 29 inches, and the width is 12.5 inches.

Balls:- It is a hollow ball. Rubber made one is a feeling coating. ITF, the International Tennis Federation defines the diameter as 65.41 – 68.58 mm. And they weigh between 8 to 89.4 g. As well.

Where to play tennis?

Tennis is played in court. Court has a specific rectangular size in height and width. It is 78 feet (23.77 m) long and 27 feet (8.2 m) wide for a single match. The wide is 36 feet (11 m) for the double match. These are tennis court dimensions. A net is stretched across the wide through the middle of the court. In a variety of surfaces, we play Tennis. In this regard, Grass, Clay, and Hard Court are the most common means to play.

Now let’s get knowledge about Racquetball Racquet and what are the rules of tennis.

What are the Basic Rules of Tennis:-

If we are to talk about the tennis rules and regulations, we have to go for the basic ones first, that is, what are tennis and basic rules tennis. If you are ready to play Tennis in court and suited-up, but you do not know how to play tennis or what are the rules of tennis, this information of the necessary regulation of Tennis play is for your easy start. Hopefully, it helps you play a competitive game against your opposition.

Basic Rules Of Tennis

Who serves first?

As usual, the player who wins the coin toss will serve first. And, he serves until the set ended. After it ends, the receiver starts to serve. And, the process you have to repeat until the match ends.


It is to note that the server has two opportunities to serve the ball within the court line. If the first server fails for the first time, we call it the fault serve. Then if he does second-time fault serve, the opposition earns a point.

If the ball hits the net and falls on the service side, we call it “net-serve”. The server needs to serve again. There is no limit of re-serving due to net-serve.

The server has to serve the ball from the right side of his side to the receiver’s left side person. Then preceding the game, you have to serve from your left side to the right side of the receiver.

How to count tennis scores?

Scoring in a Tennis match is pretty tricky. The scoring system of Tennis is as follows:

  1. No points scored: Love
  2. 1 point scored: 15 points
  3. 2 points scored: 30 points
  4. 3 points scored: 40 points
  5. 4 points scored: set point; set is over

You need to lead at least two points to win your tennis match. If the score is 40-40, this is we call “Deuce.” Then you must have to obtain two consecutive points to win the match. If both players have won a consecutive point, then, it is again a “Deuce.” These are the basic rules of it scoring.

In or Out |tennis rules doubles:-

Here, some very beginning rules are very important to know commonly that we call the rules of tennis serving. There are court lines in Tennis like “Service Courts,” “Back Courts,” “Allay Line.” In a single game, balls must be hit within “service Courts” and “Back Courts” and the “Allay Line.” If the ball hits between any of twos, it is OUT. And, your opponent will get the point.

In the double game, balls should be hit within “Service Courts” and “Back Courts.” The players lose a point if they fail to return the ball. And, it is so if the ball doesn’t hit the correct area of the court.

Health benefits of tennis: We cannot end up writing words here. It is obviously a game exercise in a full sense. It helps to have full-body exercise at a time while playing. We will try to define the benefits of this game in another article afterward. You can find out health benefits for another sport like skiing.

Final verdict:-

Tennis play defines its different looks by its different types of appeals from us. To know what is tennis and basic rules of tennis show its variety of interest to all types of people around the world and round the clock. So, we think, to be a part of it is a matter of great luck in these ages.

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