Best Racquetball Shoes | Ultimate Guide To Best Shoes For Racquetball

Best racquetball shoes are now the most often query by you the youth of today. These shoes are available at your hand to buy so that you yourself can choose which one to buy. Best shoes for racquetball are not so difficult to buy for their being available and cheap in cost to afford as we see buying the lifting shoes that are the same.

What is Racquetball?

To play racquetball is not of difficult matter at all. We are playing so many difficult plays now that nothing is impossible. It is as simple as playing badminton.

And, we that in case of handling a heavy racquet is not to be gig deal at all. In our previous article, we mention and discussed how we can play racquetball well. You can make a short eye glimpse of it better.

Most of the new learners think it is a non-enjoyable game whereas it is one of the funniest games to play even with a racquetball pitching machine if not possible to play together for your being alone in a new place.

And it also happens that you want to spend time with yourself for the time being letting yourself spending some moments silently. Also, ping pong history shows the ancient use of the shoes consecutively.

In terms of popularity, Asics racquetball shoes are in form for its texture and flexibility for easy movement at your use anytime, anywhere and anyway. For its style being a unique one, it is an engulfing choice by the youth.

Ekleton racquetball shoes are another one you, we and the people of a wide variety of tastes try to collect a pair of them when we find them available in the market online/offline.

There are also full of the game encouraging shoes like; python squash shoes and Wilson racquetball shoes that you must get to buy racquetball sneakers too as they are available to buy well.

Though both males and females can use the racketball shoes, we find racquetball shoes for women, distinctly but not much difference is there except the color and size.

In accordance with the query and demand, racquetball shoes are categorized into men’s racquetball shoes, racquetball court shoes, etc. even for racquetball shoes women also.


How to play Racquetball?

However, the fact, we all must know how to play a racquetball game as a beginner, a pioneer, a follower and as a coach either for the wellbeing of our health physical and mental one at the same time rather.

We must know herewith that racquetball shoes are also the non-parted parts of racquetball play for we can say it as the racquetball equipment mostly an important one.

In the case of brand selection, you can also add Wilson racquetball for its branding value whereas we go for Ekleton and Asics and so on.

Women’s racquetball shoes you can use at times you feel them wear for your comfort as of your being women or men and for you both.

Racquetball play obviously follows some rules and tips for good play and to begin a nice beginning at the beginning of your racquetball play.

Best Racquetball Shoes

     Python Wide (EE) Width Indoor Mid Racquetball

Python racquetball shoes Wide is one of the perfect sport shoes for indoor games. They feature rubber made soles that allow the right grip with keeping the shape of your leg in the right position.

Python Wide (EE) Width Indoor Mid Racquetball (Squash, Indoor Pickleball, Badminton, Volleyball) Shoe (White and Black Colors Available)


They also feature air mesh upper and well ventilation systems to reduce sweating and suffocation. They keep your feet movable and breathable. The gummy soles ensure that you’re not slippery keeping your balance while playing.

These shoes with full support are the best racquetball shoes you can choose for your indoor racquetball games. You will love these affordable shoes.


  1. Fits perfectly
  2. Gummy soles prevent slipperily
  3. Create no marks on the floor


  1. Not for small feet

 ASICS Gel-Blade 7 Men’s Squash and Badminton Shoes (120)

If you’re looking for the best racquetball shoes with lightweight performance ASICS Gel-Blade 7 Men’s Squash are better indoor sports shoes ever.

Moreover, they are more specialized for their unique design and quality. They’re made of quality materials. The EVA midsoles provide bounces and comfortable cushioning. These Blade Shoes are the most popular over the year for indoor games.

ASICS Men's Gel-Blade 7 Court Shoes

These shoe feature mesh insoles and Ortholite Sock-liners for perfect breathability to prevent sweating. The Blade 7  features AHAR Plus outside that provides quality performance and better traction on the floor.

Finally, ASICS can be recommended for those who are looking for lightweight quality racquetball shoes.


  1. Lightweight shoe
  2. EVA midsoles
  3. Breathable design
  4. Mesh insole
  5. Excellent traction


  1. Little bit expensive

ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 Training Shoes

For lady players, ASICS Racquetball Shoes include women’s version. You can get the shoe at affordable prices depending on size and color. The ASCS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 features versatile and stylish construction for comfortable experiences.

This indoor sports shoe N.C Rubber outsole is specially designed for indoor sports. The natural rubber combined with it provides a good grip and the synthetic rubber offers excellent abrasion resistance.

ASICS Women's Gel-Tactic 2 Volleyball Shoes


For unrivaled stability and comfort, Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 shoe features EVA midsole and mesh insole are combined providing additional cushioning.

At the same time, this design offers overall comfort and the best fit without any issue. The Trusstic System technology provides midfoot support and prevents twisting your feet during very quick movements while playing.

Additionally, this women’s racquetball shoe features Ortholite sock-liner that hold your feet over time and can be removed for your own Orthotics.


  1. TRUSSTIC SYSTEM technology for extra stability
  2. C Rubber made outsole for good traction
  3. Natural Rubber combined for good grip
  4. EVA midsole and mesh cushioning


  1. Not good for wider feet
  2. Not for men

ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes

ASCIC tennis shoes always come with stylish and price-effective shoes. If you’re a recreational player ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12  specially designed for you. It features under-laying support to help you move quickly from baseline to net with ease and efficiency.

ASICS Mec’s Gel-Challenger offers extended durability and perfect stability. The lightweight technology makes this shoe comfortable for better performance.

ASICS Men's Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes

If you’re looking for lightweight tennis shoes ASICS Men’s provides lightweight mesh offering a flexible and breathable experience. The PGAURD Toe Protector ensures extended durability as well.

The Rearfoot and Forefoot with Gel Technology cushioning system lessen shock while playing with a quick movement and during impact and toe-off phases. It allows you easy and efficient movement without creating issues.

Additionally, the Gel-Challenger 12 also features removable Ortholite Socckliner for moisture management for comfortable feel.


  1. Trusstic outsole
  2. Lightweight and breathable tennis shoe
  3. Ortholite Sockliner for moisture management
  4. Comfortable and flexible for easy movement


  1. No arch support

Jazba Squash Shoes Men Tennis Badminton Racquetball Volleyball Pickleball Indoor Court Shoe

Jazba Lizardo is one of the best suited multi-purpose indoor sports shoes for beginners and intermediate players. They feature well-padded Synthetic Leather and Mesh upper for comfortable movement.

The Non-Abrasive coating offers easy clean-up dust or stains. The front part of this shoe is designed with slightly heavy and well-padded for stable balance.


The Non-Marking Rubber Outsole works great on the court and provides non-skid protection while playing on the polished floor. Moreover, the durable textile back support provides support for a good balance for jumping and landing impacts.

Jazba Squash sports shoes for men features provide a great fit for your feet featuring wide toe box construction. It will give a wide room to your foot for lateral movement.


  1. Wide Toe Box with stitched toe wall for toe protection
  2. Non-Marking Rubber outsole for better grip
  3. Durable Textile Bank support
  4. Well padded synthetic leather and mesh cushioning


  1. Not for wide feet
  2. Smaller toe box

Ektelon NFS Attack Low Racquetball Shoe- Yellow/White/Black-9

Ektelon NFS provides better all-round performing racquetball shoes made of exclusive racquetball shoe technology. Basically, the mostly known Natural Foot Shape (NFS) shoes are designed to be wider and to provide ease to your toes.

The outside sole of these good racquetball shoes is made of gum rubber and provides proper traction on the court floor.

Ektelon NFS Attack Low Racquetball Shoe- Yellow/White/Black-9


These durable racquetball shoes provide an extended period of experience. If you’re looking for a perfect match for your wide feet, these racquetball shoes wide fit best on your feet for comfortable playing.

However, if you have any issues on your feet, it provides greater support to your ankle and prevents Achilles’ heel pain.  You’ll find the right traction and support for active movement while playing.


  1. Comfortable cushioning
  2. Good ankle support
  3. Best fit for wide feet
  4. Provide good traction on the court


  1. Not for narrow feet

HEAD Men’s Grid 2.0 Low Racquetball/Squash Indoor Court Shoes (Non-Marking)

If you’re looking for the best racquetball shoes that are custom designed for amateur and professional players then Head Men’s Grid can be a good choice. They’re made with rubber soles providing the right grip. They hold your feet very well.

HEAD Men's Grid 2.0 Low Racquetball/Squash Indoor Court Shoes (Non-Marking)

To reduce sweating and suffocation this Head racquetball shoes feature an air mesh upper and well ventilation to keep your feet breathable and allows you easy movement. The gum rubber made outer sole prevents slipperily and doesn’t make scratches on the floor as well.

These racquetball shoes for men feature synthetic leather to make them waterproof and long-lasting durability.


  1. Breathable mesh upper sole
  2. Outsole made of gum rubber to prevent slipperily
  3. Rubber sole provides right grip
  4. Great fit and comfortable


  1. Little bit heavier


Can you use Tennis shoes for Racquetball?

Ans: You might have the wrong conceptions in using tennis shoes in racquetball but the truth goes otherwise. These shoes are something slippery and cause you to slip while playing a serious play.

In tennis shoes vs racquetball shoes, we see these shoes are for an uneven tennis court to be catchy on the ground where the racquetball court is very smooth and a smaller one that might cause slip at your making grip. So, you had better buy racquetball shoes positively.

What are the Rules of Racquetball?

Ans: The rules of racquetball show that you cannot hit the ball the back wall on the full so that it must not touch the ceiling even. You better hit the front wall first when it comes from the opponent or at the serve from you.

Can I use Tennis shoes for Racquetball?

Ans: Our recommendation is not encouraging at using tennis shoes instead of racquetball shoes as these shoes are designed for the racquetball ones and other ones for the tennis pre-fixedly.

What are the best Squash Shoes for Wide Feet?

Ans: There are also we find best squash shoes for wide feet which we rank as Asics Gel-Rocket 8, Head Sprint Pro, and Prince NFS Attack. Here, they are wide racquetball shoes for you to play with ease and smoothly as well.



Best racquetball shoes are never to be considered only for your game time shoes we mean you can use them at your off time apart from the game period. It is because; it feels comfortable while you use these racquet shoes at your casual time and leisure time as well.