8 Best Volleyball Ball | Learn How To Play And How To Serve

Best volleyball is nothing but your approach toward it though we find some criteria to become the best physically and structurally. It terms of the structure of the volleyball, you find many brands are there and of different sizes and of different materials it is made of and others, volleyball pads for knee as well.

Regarding all these aspects you can say that this or that one is the best volleyball finally. So, the ball which meets these criteria to be the best one is the volleyball after all.

Who Invented volleyball?

The very commonly available history we call volleyball terminology says that it is invented not automatically. Obviously, someone invented it for not whimsically too. It has a reason behind it. However the fact, William G. Morgan invented volleyball in 1895.

It goes for volleyball terminology for its turn to volleyball completely after the combination of basketball, baseball machine, handball and tennis ball machine that also did Mr. Morgan. Then it was originally said as “mintonette” at its first invention then into today’s popular name in volleyball history.

Though William is from the USA, the volleyball gets its peak popularity in Brazil. Irrespective of male and female all the young and adults play volleyball in the sandy islands and sands.

The Brazilian women are also experts in the Fairplay of volleyball as its a part of their everyday life. And, volleyball games are the greatest amassing pastime to play volleyball now. It is as common as other indoor games like badminton, tennis and the others.

How to play volleyball?

In the volleyball tournament, you find it is very interesting to play mainly in the winters as for the vacation and or to pass the leisure time. Most women also play with volleyball instruments mainly at the beach for enjoying the time with great fun.

There you need two volleyball teams where each team contains 6 (six) members or players to play volleyball. You also need a volleyball set We mean a net that will divide the court into two parts for two teams. And, you know, as it is also an indoor volleyball where you can play exactly like badminton.

Volleyball rules show that one team will serve and the opposite team will return the ball and if fails to return, the first team that starts to serve will get one point.

And, the starting serve will be again at the first team side. In this way, the game proceeds on. Remember, in returning the ball each team does have three hits on the ball not more than that. If it falls to the ground in the meantime the opposite will get the point to add into their volleyball scoring/account.

How to serve volleyball?

Serving is to be a long service at a time to across the opposite side without hitting the ball on the net and by one hit. No interruption is required during the serve. And if it is missed to pass the net by one hit the serve will go for the opposite team and they have the service now.

So, carefully serve is a must otherwise we see that a certain point to get is missed for false serving at the beginning. You see, volleyball USA team is very caring at serving finely

Best Volleyball Review

Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball

If you are a competitive volleyball player Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball makes the best sense. It is likely to provide you a good performance. This FIVA approved volleyball is the choice for the NCAA Men’s volleyball championship.

Molten V5M5000 Men's NCAA Flistatech Volleyball (Red/Green/White, Official)

Molten Volleyball features increased visibility, enhanced flight stability, and accuracy in overhead passing. Molten’s FLISTATEC flight stability technology delivers athletes their desired consistency and control on the game by optimizing the air-current around the ball in-flight and improving grip.

Features of Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball:-

  1. Extended Visibility: FLISTATEC Volleyball has contrasting colors and original panel design that creates a smoother rotation motion and extended visibility for players and viewers as well.
  2. Excellent Touch and Grip: The Molten Volleyball FLISTATEC has the soft, thick microfiber cover, and textured surface. It increases grip and allows you the firm and more accurate passing and setting.


  1. FLISTATEC technology provides enhanced ball control
  2. Soft textured surface allows accurate passing
  3. Designed for increased visibility


  1. Size varies, get your desired one

What we think about it:-

Molten is the official volleyball of the USA and numerous high schools and junior volleyball clubs make it their first choice. The Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball is nicely designed for increased visibility, enhanced grip, and to provide consistent ball controls. It allows you to perform the best performance.

 Molten Recreational Volleyball

Molten Recreational Volleyball provides many attractive features for those who are planning to start indoor or outdoor volleyball playing. Volleyball is a great recreational game that can be played indoors or outdoors if you have a large premise.

Molten MS500-80S Recreational Volleyball, S, Official Size & Weight

Playing volleyball is one of the oldest pastimes of Americans’. Most of the universities, high schools, junior schools have their own indoor volleyball playground. Get a Molten indoor volleyball and take part in your school tournament.

Features of Molten Recreational Volleyball:-

  1. Soft PU cover: Molten Volleyball features an ultra-soft PU cover that provides you the soft contact that you will enjoy. The ball is recreational for all levels of players.
  2. Perfect Design: Whatever your level is, molten provides you the best recreational entertainment with this volleyball. Molten outdoor volleyball or indoor comes in a variety of colors that meet the needs of every player.


  1. Official Size & Weight
  2. Indoor/outdoor use
  3. Ultra-soft polyurethane cover
  4. Machine stitched


  1. Little bit slippery

What we think about it:-

If you have a large area to set up a net for volleyball or if you are going to attend the school volleyball tournament, the Molten Recreational Volleyball would be the best choice for you.

Molten MS240-3 Light Touch Volleyball

Molten MS240-3 Light Touch is a good version of a lightweight volleyball which is nicely designed for young athletes. This soft touch volleyball is a perfect entertainer for your kids.

Molten MS240-3 Light Touch Volleyball, Green/Blue/White

There is a variety of different volleyball available in the market. This Molten Volleyball features some great features which provide your kids the real volleyball entertainment. The volleyballs are of different colors and designs.

Features of Molten Light Touch Volleyball:-

  1. Lightweight volleyball: If you are looking for a volleyball for your kid which is lightweight and well-designed, Molten Volleyball MS240-3 can be the best choice. They are specially designed for youth athletes.  The ultra-soft cushioned polyurethane cover gives you a soft touch. It allows the player to comfortable feels.
  2. Durable Indoor/outdoor volleyball: Molten MS240-3 Light Touch indoor-outdoor Volleyball is perfectly durable for your better performance.


  1. Ideal for players 12 and under
  2. Ultra soft polyurethane cover
  3. Machine stitched
  4. Lightweight indoor/outdoor volleyball


  1. A little bit heavier

What we think about it:-

Molten Volleyballs are designed with perfect features for the indoor/outdoor volleyball game. This version of Molten is perfect for kids.

Tachikara SV5W Gold Competition Premium Leather Volleyball

Tachikara SV5W Gold Competition Premium Leather Volleyball is of a legendary brand Tachikara. They are always known because of their quality. If you are like play with a brand volleyball this is the right place to know the right one.

Tachikara SV5W Gold Competition Premium Leather Volleyball (Scarlet/White/Black)

Tachikara Volleyball features Dual Bladder Construction and uses the latest manufacturing methods and technologies. This 100% leather-made volleyball is on the top list of quality balls. They are the official leather game ball used for high school volleyball.

Features of Tachikara SV5W Volleyball:-

  1. Premium Leather: Tachikara SV5Wvolleyball is a good and solid ball for indoor and outdoor volleyball. The premium leather surface provides you the best feel sever. The dual internal bladders greatly control the performance and responsiveness at the high volume volleyball match.
  2. Less Expensive: If you are looking for a quality volleyball for your professional volleyball match this Tachikara Premium Leather Gold Volleyball will save your cost.


  1. World class premium leather international competition volleyball
  2. Used Revolutionary patented Dual Bladder Construction method
  3. Designed for use at the highest levels of competition
  4. Less expensive


  1. Ships deflated again

What we think about it:-

Tachikara SV5W Volleyball is to provide you the best leather feel. You’ll love this version. The quality and durability of this ball are quite impressive. You will have full control of your game with Tachikara.

Tachikara Tb-18 the Setter Weighted Training Volleyball

Tachikara Tb-18 is another good version of Tachikara to make you stronger for your volleyball competition. The ball has a good feel to it. For a long time playability, this Tachikara is really great.

TB-18 'The Setter' (EA)

This Tachikara Setter Volleyball is a great product! If you are a setter this ball with little extra weight is great for your training. This will strengthen your fingers and wrist. It will give you better practice.

Features of Tachikara Tb-18:-

  1.  Setter Volleyball: If you are a setter in your high school volleyball team and want a setter volleyball to develop your strength and stamina Tachikara Setter would be the best choice for you.
  2. Training Volleyball: Great ball for setter training. Coaches recommend this Training Volleyball for their high school volleyball team.
  3. Heavy Enough: The ball is heavy enough for good workouts. To develop your wrist strength the ball is good in quality and will provide you the best feel.


  1. Good quality setter volleyball
  2. Enough heavy for practice
  3. Great training volleyball


  1. Sometimes air hold for a shorter time

What we think about it:-

To do a great performance in your school tournament as a setter you should practice with a setter training volleyball like Tachikara Tb-18. This training ball will provide you enough strength for the best performance.

TachikaraSensi-Tec Composite Sv-5wsc Volleyball

The Tachikara SV-5WSC Sensi Tec is one of the high performance, competition-grade volleyball made of microfiber and leather composite cover. It uses fiber with resin for improvements in its touch control.

Tachikara Composite Volleyball - Sensi-Tec SV-5WSC, Colored Color: Cardinal/White

This Tachikara Volleyball will let you have great accuracy when you serve, set, and spike this ball. You will feel where it’s headed when you touch it.

Features of Tachikara SV5WSC:-

  1. Great Construction: The Sensi Tec Composite High-Performance Volleyballis made of special microfiber composite leather cover. It provides you the perfect flexibility and balanced tensile power. And the LBS allows you better control over the ball during your performance.
  2. Comfortable: The ball is comfortable to hold on. The fiber is blended with resin to provide you a genuine touch.


  1. Sensi Tec High-Performance volleyball
  2. Uses microfiber composite leather cover
  3. Comfortable to touch
  4. Great to control


  1. Not too soft, but comfortable

What we think about it:-

Just play with TachikaraSv 5Wsc. It’s amazing! The ball is perfect for every level of player. This colorful ball is one of the best professional balls on the market.

Tachikara Soft-V

The Tachikara Soft Volleyball is what exactly you looking for. The ball is larger, softer and ideal for your kids. They will be happy playing with Tachikara-V without being injured.

Big Soft V Volleyball (EA)


This oversized volleyball is not such oversized as a giant ball, it’s enough for your kids in size. The cushioned surrounding the ball makes the ball softer and it’s quite easy to play.

This soft volleyball is light enough and doesn’t hurt your hands when you hit it. But it is enough heavy so that kids have control over hitting over the direction.

Features of Tachikara Soft Volleyball:-

  1. Larger and Softer: You will love this softer ball.  They are slightly larger than regular-sized volleyball. They are soft enough and light enough not to hurt your hands. The surrounding cushion makes them soft volleyball.
  2. Best for kids: The Tachikara Soft V Volleyballis made for kids and beginners. This fabric covering the ball is softer and larger enough for kids.


  1. Foam-backed fabric oversize volleyball
  2. Perfect for the beginner volleyball player.
  3. Machine stitched.
  4. Butyl bladder.


  1. Not so hard as regular volleyball

What we think about it:

The Tachikara Soft Volleyballis what you hoping for your kids. This oversized volleyball works great. They are softer and lighter not to hurt your kids when the hit it. They will love it.

Tachikara NO STING Volleyball

If you are not a professional player and looking for a softer volleyball Tachikara NO STING Volleyball will take care of your wrist and performance as well.

Tachikara SofTec Zigzag Volleyball, Lime Green/White/Black


This best volleyball is amazing and recommended for indoor and outdoor game. This No Sting Volleyball is ideal for your kid who is starting volleyball at school volleyball class. The ball is also great for practicing at home.

Features of Tachikara No Sting Volleyball:

  1. Super Soft: This Softer best Volleyball is comfortable for kids. It’s soft to touch and not hurt to kids when they hit it. They can practice with this ball without injuries.
  2. Good Quality: You will love this ball for your kids. This Volleyball made of good quality materials and perfectly made for younger players.


  1. Good quality
  2. Softer volleyball
  3. Made from foam-backed, man-made material with a flat finish cover
  4. This ball has virtually NO STING during play
  5. Great for the young player


  1. Not suitable for wet, dirty ground

What we think about it:-

If you are looking for a good quality volleyball for your kids Tachikara No Sting Volleyball is comfortable and easy to play softer volleyball.


Best volleyball is not the mere brand rather a skill play because it is about your fairest and most entertaining parts of your leisure time to pass with the greatest fun with your fans and friends.

Here, be choosy at buying the best volleyball and net for your comfortable play. And, it will vary your satisfaction while playing volleyball games a lot.