Power Dribble In Basketball | The Step By Step Guide To You

The step by step guide to power dribble in basketball is for all of us mainly who are learning the basketball well off and to get the basics of the game like other games we do usually and finely well.

How many steps can you take in basketball without dribbling?

In dribbling power, a player can take two steps. These are; one coming ball to stop, and passing or throwing or shooting, and the other is to step to release the ball from the hands toward.

What are some good basketball dribbling drills?

We see the followings as the stationary Basketball Dribbling Drills;

  • Wraps – Around Head,
  • Wraps – Around the world,
  • Ball Slaps- Continuously slap the basketball from one hand to the other hand,
  • Wraps – Figure 8 Around Legs,
  • Straight Arm Finger Taps,
  • Wraps – Around Ankle,
  • And, Wraps – Around Waist,
  • Wraps – Around Right Leg,

Basketball dribbling technique:-

  • You must touch the ball with the fingertips but not by your palm,
  • Touch the ball in such a way that you have the good control over the ball,
  • Don’t use the much arm strength at keeping the ball bouncing,
  • And, don’t slap your ball with your palm,
  • Only, use your fingertips,
  • But rather focus the attention on the tips of the fingers,
  • Keep the hand on top of your ball,
  • And, keep your ball low,
  • Be aware of how and where the ball is going to bounce,
  • Keep your body mostly in between the defender and your ball,
  • Look up carefully,
  • Change the speed attentively,
  • And, don’t stop finally,

Can you take 3 steps in NBA?

In the step by step guide to power dribble in basketball, we find in the NBA and FIBA that there is a way of the given a “gather step”. If you take more than 3 steps and it is so, without your ball being dribbled, there is a traveling violation it is we see to call.

And, there are also 2 steps before 2018, but now the International Basketball Federation has changed it later and now on.

What are the 5 positions in basketball?

There are a number of players in a basketball team but only 5 can play at a time in a play once. And, every player does have assigned positions you must know. These are: center, power forward, small forward, point guard, and shooting guard.

Basketball Power Dribble:-

What is a power dribble in basketball?

It is called power dribble when a player puts ball and devices both into the basket with force.

Can you power dribble with two hands?

There is a rule that if you touch the ball simultaneously with the both hands, that will be final ending of making dribble. Only once it is you are to do but more of it is illegal.

When is a Power Dribble Used?

Before making ball dribbled, you have to move a slam and later it we consider as hard driving ball and we see to use a power dribble. It does an offensive player with a quick move like it is during hop-step if a player jumps and lands on the feet.

What part of your hand do you dribble a basketball with?

  • First, you have put your energy into the Ball,
  • Then, control the ball at using the power dribble by your forearms and fingertips,
  • Now, push it to the floor,
  • If you use a soft dribble, you might lose the ball,
  • For, it takes longer time to come back the ball into the hand again.

How to initiate power dribble:-

  • First, initiate your offense by getting into your seam,
  • Have the team players set up in your rules of transition or half court spots,
  • Then have the point by guarding attack and then get into the seam,
  • Right then, see your transition offense spots,
  • And, quickly try to pass ahead the ball looking for an easy basket,

How do you initiate contact in basketball?

  • Never expose your ball to your defender and try to keep your body in between the ball and your defender,
  • And, never extend your arm or push off against,
  • Rather use your hip and side,
  • Don’t lower the shoulder,
  • And, you must have a strong base to absorb the contact finally,

What age should you start playing basketball?

Usually, you can play from the age of 5 to 6 years old by taking a smaller size of basketball and start splanding under the rookie gear label. And, when it is 7 to 9, start learning the rules and practice of ball dribbling. Then sequentially, you will be able to master the art of basketball playing well.

Is it healthy to play basketball everyday?

Yes, obviously, playing basketball is helpful and healthful for your physical and mental health well. You can make a practice of 2 hours a day regularly. And, train your legs at least twice a week well.

How to finish dribble in basketball:-

What does finishing mean in basketball?

  • To off the ball from the hand into the basket eclipsing the defender’s effort to resist it; is finish. The ball to finish is to finish its works without any alter, transgress, and contest and or any layup.
  • Inside hand finish is also in use when a defender is trailing your offense on the hip.

Drills to master Power Dribble:-

  • Power Dribble,
  • Power Crossovers,
  • Dribble Blindfolded,
  • 10-5 Repeats,

Is dribbling the ball high a carry?

You can dribble the ball as long as your hand stays as high as it can be onto the basketball. Your hand’s up is to be in touch of the bottom of the basketball. Remember, palming the ball is illegal here but now no referee will call it.

Power Crossovers or dribble in the game:-

It is a crossover dribble in basketball. And, it is a maneuver for dribbling the ball switching it rapidly from one hand to the other. You know that it is to make the ball change into the direction. Typically, a player heads upcourt and dribbles the ball in the left hand, and makes a wide step left with his good head fake well.

Dribble Blindfolded in basketball:-

It is a Wrap up of a cloth around a player’s head as a blindfold. Or, it is a way of simply closure of your eyes without peeking. Here, one can enhance the drill by well performing the play from being in the center of a deserted basketball court. And, it is done also by walking around.

Where do you look when dribbling a basketball?

  • Keep your head up and your eyes on the game and, don’t look at the ball,
  • Then, extend your arm and snap your wrists to send your ball into the ground,
  • Now, use your fingers but not the palm, so to control the ball well,
  • And, do not let the ball be bounced too high at dribbling,
  • Finally, use the body and the non-dribbling arm to shield your ball from the defenders promptly,

10-5 Repeats in basketball dribble:-

It is a must by a player to do repeatedly as practice with one hand and at a time as well. First, you should determine which of your both hand you want to practice, and then try your best of it.

What is a 5 second violation in basketball?

When you are an offensive player and trying to shoot a shot and are being guarded by the defender. At that very moment, you belong the ball in hand for 5 seconds steadily. Then, it is a 5 second violation; remember to avoid it in play.

Power Dribbling Sprints:-

It requires you a power dribbling to extend the time period to run back and forth on the subjected area of the basketball court. First, stand on one point of the basketball court, dribble to the nearest your foul line and again return to the baseline well.

Dribble Between Legs While Walking:-

Always, try to keep your eyes up and go fast pushing yourself and stay low as well. Here, start with the ball in each your hand on and feet on your baseline steadily. Now, finally, make the dribble on your legs and the crossover in front of you in between tactfully,

Double Ball Power Dribbling:-

Is a power dribble a double dribble?

If you make power dribble once in both hands, it is okay then. Otherwise, it will be illegal, I mean, it is illegal in second time, it will be double dribble. If you lift your pivot foot in power dribbling, it is a travel then to consider.

Dirt dribbling in basketball:-

This is the drill actually where it requires you to leave your basketball court, and must find a patch of dirt then. Here dribble for 1 to 2 minutes at least. Do harder bounce then well.

What is dribbling drills in basketball?

  • Ball Slaps- Continuously slaps on the basketball,
  • And, Ball Wraps – Waist,
  • Ball Wrap – Head,
  • Also, Ball Wraps – Waist & Head, finally


The step by step guide to power dribble in basketball we see that basketball is a game to be played between two teams of five players each. It does need a rectangular court and usually is an indoor game.

Here, we find each team is to try to score points by tossing the ball through the opponent’s goal. And also it does have an net of elevated horizontal hoop, which we call basket.

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